Guido Sancilio is the owner and creative director of likeG, a company born in 2013 to make original, elegant and sophisticated dancewear products and accessories showcasing some of Guido's best photography.

Guido started his adventure with photography in his graduation year of 2001 (Communication Science), and working in areas from fashion to advertising has realised campaigns for some of Italy's most important companies including: Telecom, Poste Italiane, Alitalia, Air One, IperCoop and Onyx.

The common thread of all Guido’s work is the strong emotional impact of his prints; images which tell stories of distant worlds. All Guido’s work is characterised by a sensitive and uncritical eye. Indeed, it is left to us, the viewers, to understood those eyes or gestures of loneliness or poverty, of joy or defiance, and, in so doing, move closer to these worlds.